Sunday, November 1, 2009


So this is something that I have been considering since considering taking on a job thousands of miles from home. Why? The knowledge that I would likely end up with a whole lot of nothing to do and an occasional need to feel like I was reaching out to another human being in some fashion.

Two months into my grand adventure I finally get around to making my first blog post. So lets begin...

Ohio is the best of times and the worst of times. Perhaps more accurately, Ohio has been a fairly mediocre time punctuated with moments of excitement and far more moments of unnecessary frustration. It took a week for my clothes to get to Ohio, and half of my furniture. It took 6 weeks for all of my furniture to arrive. By the way, my couch has seen Chicago before I have! Work fluctuates between exciting new tasks and discoveries and dealings with a forced mentor who treats me more like a student than a colleague and coworkers who are unwilling to reach out of their own comfort zones to welcome a new person (with a few exceptions thank goodness or I may have run back to Texas on foot!) And of course, the cold that lasted for three weeks and turned to Bronchitis!

Though before I sound like a whiny little brat, good things have happened and over all I am enjoying my time. My job is full of freedom. I get to decide what I want it to be, what I want to research, what collections to take in. The coworkers who aren't cold and/or rude have been incredibly welcoming and easy to get along with. I still haven't managed to find a church but I did get connected with a local knitting circle that is full of really fun people who welcomed me in instantly and made me feel like I was making friends in my new home!

So that is my tale thus far, more will be forthcoming. Don't worry Amber, I haven't completely disregarded your idea of "Adventures of a Shiksa."

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