Monday, February 7, 2011

New Addiction

As if yarn stashing wasn't already a problem I received a sewing machine as a gift last year... thus a new stash has been born... a fabric stash!

I am named after two quilters (my dad's mother and sister) and now I am determined that I need to follow in their footsteps and I am learning how to quilt! Yay for new projects and again another stash to house and love and sort thru.

Part of this new stashy addiction comes with following and reading various quilting blogs, which are fabulous but only aid in my addiction to the pretty colored fabrics. One such blog that I follow

has launched a giveaway with Pink Chalk Fabrics that you should definitely go check out.

A peak at the Pink Chalk goodness?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Double Features...

On Friday I attended my first monster movie double feature... well... I tried to. We decided that instead of watching the second movie that we would go for dinner instead. When two classic films only costs $4 bucks, I didn't feel terrible about leaving for more social environments. At least the first of the monster movies was one of my favorites, Frankenstein. (Sorry Wolfman... better luck next year).

The theatre was opulent. It was my first ever visit to this particular land of gold leaf and red velvet. It was, in all honesty, the perfect environment to watch a 1930s movie. They even played an organ during the opening credits!

At any rate, once I got over the initial excitement of the venue and the overwhelming sense of historical connection watching a movie in such a grand space as it would have originally been shown, I felt my own sense of nostalgia. You see, Frankenstein is one of my favorite books.

Now this often sounds strange to people, I have even been mocked. Yes, I understand that its not actually a scary thing to read. Yes, I do recognize that once the monster learns to talk he speaks in the exact same manner and vocabulary as Frankenstein himself. ALL the characters sound exactly the same! These factors don't dissuade me from the nature of this book.

Frankenstein was a cathartic creation for its author on so many levels. Students the world over are pushed and prodded to read this Gothic piece, never really recognizing the fact that they were reading an autobiography. Sounds crazy, no? Its true. I took a Romantic Era English class in college. (Why? I have no idea. I was not an English major, but I had one more English requirement and I worried that I'd be bored in the required course as I had already tested out of the first year class.) In this class I was subjected to more poetry than I would have ever imagined, and hated just about every moment of it. I also encountered Mary's husband, Percy Shelley, and another of her own works, The Last Man. Not as good as Frankenstein, which I had read in high school, but learning about the author during this class was illuminating.

Mary Shelley was born in 1797 to politically extreme parents, and a majority of her childhood was spent on the outskirts of mainstream society because of their beliefs. She later began a relationship with a married man, Percy Shelley. Percy embodied her parents' political ambitions and, for that period, revolutionary ideas. As a mistress to a political radical, Mary found herself once again just outside of "decent" society. During this period of time she falls pregnant, as does Percy's wife. Late 1814, Harriet Shelley is born much to Percy's joy; however, early in 1815 Mary miscarries. While dealing with her own grief she is forced to endure her lover's joy... and wandering eye. A believer in "free love," though it was not so labeled at the time, Percy was known to have regular "outings" with their landlord, and often encouraged Mary to engage in affairs with several of his female friends.

This miscarriage was devestating to Mary, and sadly, it was not her last. In her life she had multiple miscarriages and lost three birthed children. Now I know many of you have never personally experienced the pain associated with infertility. I haven't had to experience it first hand. But in my life I have had many friends who have struggled with the utter heartbreak of miscarriage. They are among the strongest women I have ever known. Thanks to modern medicine we are able to understand the complications, the risks, the reasons and even overcome our own nature in order to conceive and carry to term. Mary wasn't blessed with these advances. She just had loss. And while she lost, Percy's progeny were springing up before her eyes and even lived with one of his other mistresses and his child.

Eventually she and Percy did marry; however, the legalizing of their union could not wash clean their reputation socially. After his death she attempted to enter into a culture that she never belonged to, trying to create a space for herself in the society functions of European life with little success.

As I have said before, Frankenstein is an autobiography in a two fold manifestation. In a story of science playing God, Mary purged her own pain. While Frankenstein created life in the monster, she faced her own inability to create life in her own body. Furthermore, in the novel we see Mary's view of her own lot in life. You see, Mary is the monster. A creation that can never be accepted, never welcomed.

Its heart wrenching but beautiful in its execution. No movie could grasp the pure and honest emotion that this book contains, none would even try. To most of the world, Frankenstein was concieved by a woman competing in a scary story contest while on vacation. Movies attempt to highlight the gruesome and grotesque, making the monster less and less human while anyone who has read the book will tell you that the monster was not lacking in eloquence. Robert DeNiro played a good monster. He was a monster that brought out compassion in his audience, though not quite the same compassion I feel when reading through the pages of the original novel.

And thus ends my Lunch time Lesson... better get back to writing label copy. I apologize for the random literary-ness of this post, I just couldn't get this out of my head after watching Boris Karloff lumber about the screen.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moving, marketing, and the end of a long term relationship

So things have been a little crazy in my life, but when aren't they??

My attempts to find a new apartment have been successful! Which would be better news if my lease didn't start a month and a half before my current lease ends. Oops. The new place though looks amazing! Its in the exact part of town I was hoping to move into, in a divided building that was constructed in 1929.

Look at the awesomeness of the arches and the decorative fireplace, not the random college guys bad furniture. The overlap in my lease will give me a chance to clean and paint before moving things over. Anyone want to suggest some paint colors? I'm open. Also... anyone who wants to help move I will bribe you with beer, and not PBRs.

SpinZone is prospering and looking forward to its new shipping location and the future abundance of natural light for photographing the merchandise. (I cannot wait for all of those windows! I feel like I live in a cave right now) We've made 24 sales from our etsy site, which has introduced us to some really amazing people. I love my customers! We are also oh so close to a milestone. We are only 10 people away from having 50 favorites!!! I'm just a teeny bit excited about that.

Dad is working on some awesome new spindles, but production has slowed a little with his upcoming business trip to Brazil (where hopefully he will pick up a copy of the magazine I was interviewed for about my thesis research) and problems he is having with his sciatic nerve. First it was his finger almost falling off now he's leg is going numb! My father is falling apart.

Now to the saddest news, the end of an era. A five year relationship is done. Well it would have been six but I didn't get on board until season two. That's right LOST. All done... bye bye... tears were shed and life is now moving on. I think that this will hit me more next year when the season premiere would typically begin. In honor of the series finale I participated in a LOST knitting swap. This is where knitters all over the world participate in a themed secret santa type exchange. While the show was ending, I thought back to its beginning and themed my gift from the first season.

My package contained a fun variety of objects from a hand knit Dharma polar bear, liquid smoke monster, Oceanic Airline pens, sunscreen, travel backgammon (oh yeah don't you remember the early version of the black rock/white rock island games?), a copy of Watership Down, and oh so much more! It was so much fun to put together. In return I got an awesome gift from a lovely woman in England! After seeing (via my blog) that I moved from the sunny and warm Texas to "there's nothing wrong with Ohio 'cept the snow and the rain," she sent me a Dharma recruit cold weather kit! This included a Dharma hot pad for baking fish biscuits (which she included a recipe and a cookie cutter which is good because the one Amy gave me dissappeared somewhere between Texas and Ohio :( ), a fish biscuit colored cowl, hot drinks, and even a Dharma chocolate bar!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shop is up and running!

So Sunday saw the launch of SpinZone on etsy. We started with a stock of 17 spindles and in just 48 hours we have sold 14 of them!

I spent some time last night boxing up the first round of shipments, with the exception of two sales that had multiple spindles as I need to find larger boxes. Dad was so excited he ran out and bought some more wood today! Black and White Ebony will make a reappearance and look forward to some Purpleheart!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excitement while work blogging

So at work, the curators got together to create a list of the Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments in Ohio History. Posting began today with Number Ten. It spiked our page hits from 15 views to 203 views in just two hours! Problem is, not one comment :( This makes me very sad faced. So if you get a chance go check out the start to our count down and leave a comment!

And the countdown begins with 10

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A literal spinster

Since I have moved north to the frozen north of Ohio, I have come to depend on my hand crocheted objects. For the first time in my life I have actually made things and kept them for myself! I've also picked up a few new hobbies. I actually finished a knit object. While I have had a basic understanding of knits and purls, I could never stick with it through a whole project. As it stands I've made three of these cowls, which are great for cold, windy days.

Notice all the snow outside... that's because it snowed for DAYS!

Also, as I have mentioned before, I decided that because I was a single woman living alone in a city with a cat, why not take up spinning? Make my spinsterhood official! Well, its more addicting than it sounds I promise. I love doing this. For Christmas, I tried to teach my mother but the posture required was just too much for her back so she asked me to make her yarn from the fiber that I bought her. It was my first full skein that I Navajo plied. I'm pretty stinking proud of it. See the pretty?

Yay I love new fiber addictions!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Work blogging

So just got a comment on my first big work blog post, it made me happy. Better than that, it made a big boss happy. Plus our numbers jumped from 3 views a day previously to 90 the day I posted it! Yay!
Check it out and comment, but pretend like you don't know me :D
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