Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moving, marketing, and the end of a long term relationship

So things have been a little crazy in my life, but when aren't they??

My attempts to find a new apartment have been successful! Which would be better news if my lease didn't start a month and a half before my current lease ends. Oops. The new place though looks amazing! Its in the exact part of town I was hoping to move into, in a divided building that was constructed in 1929.

Look at the awesomeness of the arches and the decorative fireplace, not the random college guys bad furniture. The overlap in my lease will give me a chance to clean and paint before moving things over. Anyone want to suggest some paint colors? I'm open. Also... anyone who wants to help move I will bribe you with beer, and not PBRs.

SpinZone is prospering and looking forward to its new shipping location and the future abundance of natural light for photographing the merchandise. (I cannot wait for all of those windows! I feel like I live in a cave right now) We've made 24 sales from our etsy site, which has introduced us to some really amazing people. I love my customers! We are also oh so close to a milestone. We are only 10 people away from having 50 favorites!!! I'm just a teeny bit excited about that.

Dad is working on some awesome new spindles, but production has slowed a little with his upcoming business trip to Brazil (where hopefully he will pick up a copy of the magazine I was interviewed for about my thesis research) and problems he is having with his sciatic nerve. First it was his finger almost falling off now he's leg is going numb! My father is falling apart.

Now to the saddest news, the end of an era. A five year relationship is done. Well it would have been six but I didn't get on board until season two. That's right LOST. All done... bye bye... tears were shed and life is now moving on. I think that this will hit me more next year when the season premiere would typically begin. In honor of the series finale I participated in a LOST knitting swap. This is where knitters all over the world participate in a themed secret santa type exchange. While the show was ending, I thought back to its beginning and themed my gift from the first season.

My package contained a fun variety of objects from a hand knit Dharma polar bear, liquid smoke monster, Oceanic Airline pens, sunscreen, travel backgammon (oh yeah don't you remember the early version of the black rock/white rock island games?), a copy of Watership Down, and oh so much more! It was so much fun to put together. In return I got an awesome gift from a lovely woman in England! After seeing (via my blog) that I moved from the sunny and warm Texas to "there's nothing wrong with Ohio 'cept the snow and the rain," she sent me a Dharma recruit cold weather kit! This included a Dharma hot pad for baking fish biscuits (which she included a recipe and a cookie cutter which is good because the one Amy gave me dissappeared somewhere between Texas and Ohio :( ), a fish biscuit colored cowl, hot drinks, and even a Dharma chocolate bar!


  1. Hooray for the new apartment. I am totally down for a trip to lowes to look at paint chips! :)

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  3. Fish biscuits. Sigh... that seems so long ago.

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