Thursday, January 21, 2010

A literal spinster

Since I have moved north to the frozen north of Ohio, I have come to depend on my hand crocheted objects. For the first time in my life I have actually made things and kept them for myself! I've also picked up a few new hobbies. I actually finished a knit object. While I have had a basic understanding of knits and purls, I could never stick with it through a whole project. As it stands I've made three of these cowls, which are great for cold, windy days.

Notice all the snow outside... that's because it snowed for DAYS!

Also, as I have mentioned before, I decided that because I was a single woman living alone in a city with a cat, why not take up spinning? Make my spinsterhood official! Well, its more addicting than it sounds I promise. I love doing this. For Christmas, I tried to teach my mother but the posture required was just too much for her back so she asked me to make her yarn from the fiber that I bought her. It was my first full skein that I Navajo plied. I'm pretty stinking proud of it. See the pretty?

Yay I love new fiber addictions!


  1. Your yarn looks awesome! One day I'd like to learn to spin. It looks like an adventure.

  2. Sometimes it's fun to make stuff and keep it for yourself!! :)

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