Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roadtrippin.... also known as 'It's only Wednesday?'

So this week has already been a full one, and its only Wednesday! Not just Wednesday, but a Wednesday on my very last six day week! So excited about that one... let me tell you.

So what has made this week so full already? Travel.

Monday, I traveled to Cincinnati with two of the manuscript curators in order to preview a few lots at the Cowan's auction that we were interested in. 4 hours in a car with the guy who compares me to Hitler because I'm politically conservative (makes so much sense... right?!) and a lovely older gentleman who looks like he could blow over in a strong wind while telling stories about his biker ex-girlfriend. Interesting trip, needless to say. On the plus side, while we were there looking at broadsides and inmate carved canes, Wes Cowan came to introduce himself to us. Apparently it had been awhile since the co-host of History Detectives and occasional appraiser on Antiques Road Show had seen someone from the museum in the auction house (try 5 or 10 years). There are worse contacts to make in this state I think. Got back to work just in time to not be able to do any real work and felt highly unproductive as I did cleanup work.

Yesterday, I traveled with two ladies who work on a collections grant project to Marion, OH. Whats in Marion? Oh yes, another inventory site... The Harding Home. Not a terrible little site, the collections are in good shape so the work shouldn't be too terrible except that the holdings are quite numerous and not entirely catalogued. Yay.... The visit yesterday was just to get the lay of the land, but starting the first week of January I will be going for two days every other week (while others have to go every week, finally one benefit to doing four different jobs... yes thats right, my time is so divided thanks to restructuring I feel like a schizophrenic... I literally have 4 supervisors on any given day!). On the way back from Marion, we decided to stop in at G&R Tavern in Waldo, OH - Home of the World Famous Bologna Sandwich. How could we resist a sign boasting such claims in this teeny speck of a town off of 23? So I was brave enough to hazzard the fried bologna sandwich that landed this place slots on both CBS and Food Network..

Can you say MASSIVE? I think I'm incredibly lucky to still be alive after ingesting that!

Today was the auction. We bid online which should have been no big deal except that due to high winds in Columbus, our power keeps cutting out and kicking us out of the auction. We missed out on an awesome piece but landed two others for low cost... yay us! So, that has been my busy week. Tonight I have to make a quick batch of brownies before knit night and pray I have enough steam to make through the many meetings and public service shifts between now and Saturday at 5!


  1. That sandwich is wow. That's all just wow. ;)

  2. That is one hefty sandwich! It looks good. :)

  3. It was tasty but I think even now weeks later I can still feel it in my arteries