Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visit's end and solo movie going

My mother's visit has come to an end. While I am relieved to once again have my space to myself, I hate to see her go. We don't always get along, but it was really nice to have my mom around for a few days. We put up my Christmas tree, hit up several local restaurants, and generally tried to show my mom that I am, in fact, ok up here in Ohio. Not an easy feat. She worries about me being to cold so she knit me a sweater while I was at work. Not just a little cardigan but a super thick ski sweater that makes me sweat when I put it on indoors. Gotta love moms yeah?

Between her visit and my dad helping me move in I have learned one thing... I absolutely hate dropping my parents off at the airport. Its depressing, and both parties will usually end up in tears.

A guy is coming out to fix my dryer Saturday morning. Hopefully it will just be something simple. DVD player will sit there in a state of brokenness for the foreseeable future. Kitty has not attacked her tail in a few days, though not for lack of trying. Have to keep reminding her that a) it is attached to her body and b) if she continues to attack it so fiercely that it causes her to bleed I will assume that she dislikes it and have it removed.

A big downer for me this week is that three movies will launch in my city this Friday and I have no one to go with :( I'm not big on doing things by myself, but I'm going to have to. I may be able to put off seeing Blindside and Precious in the theatre, but not New Moon. I can't believe I haven't met any one here that will admit to watching or reading the Twilight Series... losers ;)


  1. Heh umm try asking at knit night. I know for a fact that several of them have read those books. (losers) hahaha.

    Good wishes that the repair man finds an easy repair to your dryer!

  2. I love that you always comment on my posts. You rock!

  3. Har Har Joshua. It wasn't the best in the world, but my inner 13 year old really enjoyed it