Saturday, November 14, 2009

When it rains...

Oh goodness, if only the cat's vicious attacking of her tail and subsequent bleeding frenzy were the worst part of my week. Yeah, I'm still fairly convinced that Ohio hates me... or that the third Friday the 13th of the year will result in multiple days of catastrophe. So cat's tail thrice bled, bad. The situation that landed me at a dermatologist's office every other week for months on end... potentially a problem again... joy. Mom decided to do my laundry while she was visiting (yay right?) and washed a silk blend sweater that is now faded beyond recognition (I only got to wear it once). Also she pulled off all of my bedding and threw it in the washer at 9 at night. At 11 we discovered that though the dryer turned, it would not heat. Dryer = broken. Repair men are coming in a week to fix it. Mom checked her email on my lap top and now it gives me error messages whenever I try to boot it. In fact, it takes three attempts and a system repair just to get the **** thing to turn on right now. Yay. Oh yeah, and last night I decided I wanted to watch an old favorite kind of movie to cheer me up from my week of BLAH... the DVD player now refuses to work.

I am just ready for this week to be done, but unfortunately I am at work today... blah. Let's hear it for January and a closer to normal work week!


  1. I can probably take a gander at your laptop and help there. I could send the boy over to look at the dryer. And I have actually taken DVD players apart before, I could take a peek at that. :)

  2. LIZ! My DVD player stopped working as well. If you recall, you and I have the exact same model. weird.

  3. No freakin way Josh... thats bixarre... I think its a programmed death date!