Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fake Thanksgiving and finished projects.

So yesterday was Veteran's Day, and in the midst of patriotic broadcasts on my day off my mother and I made Fakesgiving dinner. Oh yes, we did. Since I wont be able to travel home for the holiday and my mother was in town visiting we decided to celebrate the holiday a little early. There was turkey, stuffing, yams, the whole nine yards really. It didn't quite feel like Thanksgiving should but it was a very sweet thought on my mother's part. The only downer of the day was that the cat started bleeding again. After fifteen years, I dont think I am ever going to convince the cat that her tail is, in fact, attached to her body. Le sigh....
Oh a slightly more positive note, I finished my gloves for work! They are keeping my hands warm as I type and it is awesome.

The hat I had been making to wear at work and trap my body heat in this icebox is going to be re purposed. I was walking out of CVS and saw the saddest Christmas Charity tree ever. It was for senior citizens who asked for items like socks and underwear. I saw Miss Mary's ornament and had to pick it up. Miss Mary asked for a warm hat and scarf so my purple lattice work hat will be re purposed and a matching scarf made. Yay Christmas!

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  1. I love the gloves. I am sure Miss Mary will be thrilled with her hat and scarf! :)