Monday, November 9, 2009

Emergencies are never fun

So, last night there was an emergency at my house. As some of you may know my cat likes to chase her tail... yes it is strange but she's been doing it for about a decade and its the only thing my 15 year old cat will actually do to get her heart rate up. Last night I look over to see her propped up on the back of my white couch and there is a three inch gash down starting at the tip of her tail. She bled all over the couch and the wall before I caught it. Rushed to the drug store to get some ointment to hopefully stop the bleeding as my mother (who was randomly in town visiting when this happens YAY) tries to calm the cat (who is in pain) and clean the stain off of my white couch. When I get back the cat is sitting on the tiled entry way flicking her bleeding tail, effectively flinging blood all over the hallway... yes it was on the tile, on the carpeted stairs, even on my coat that was hanging by the door. Poor thing. Put the ointment on, got the bleeding to stop... she licked it all off and irritated the wound causing it to start bleeding again. Poor thing was so scared, probably feeding off of my fear and freak outs. I almost took her to an all night vet but we set her up on the guest bed with the bad sheets and let her rest in a dark quiet place and within 15 minutes the bleeding had stopped.

Poor Tiddles :(

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